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A “Getting Started Guide” For Writing Good Erotica

We all love sexy, hot, steamy stories, right? You know, those stories that make you look around to see if anyone is watching you read? Yeah, those stories that arouse you to the point that you just have to touch yourself. Those stories.

I love reading them, and I love…

sexy woman with hands over her head for a cheating story.
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Cheating | Spit Roast | Caught Cheating | Slut | Two Cocks

She loves her husband, but she also loves fucking her boss.

Sorry, babe. Just got hit with more reports that need to be done before the weekend. I’ll be home late.

I hit send, then turn my attention back to my boss, Rick. While the hubby is home with the kids, I like to play. It’s the best sex I’ve ever…

sexy girl with big, eyes looking over a leather seat for a blow job story
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Public Sex | Blowjob | Face Fucking | On The Clock | Cum Shot

It was late, he was hot and I wanted to get home.

I shouldn’t be out this late, especially when I’m high as fuck. But, the weed was amazing and I was in great company. I just didn’t want to leave. Now, I’m facing the terrifying prospect of riding the bus home at nearly 2:00 in the morning.

The good news is…

sexy blonde sitting on edge of bed in black lace lingerie
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Voyeurism | Exhibitionism | Watching | Masturbation

I couldn’t look away if my life depended on it.

When my clunker of a car pulls up in front of the stately house that sits up on the hill overlooking the city, my heart races. I’ve been cleaning Abby’s house now for three years, but only my last time here did it get interesting. I hope today is very…

sexy woman with big round tits and flat tummy.
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Cannabis | Face Riding | Tit Squeezing | Cock Stroking

He is not the little boy I grew up with.

Life in a small town can be the greatest thing in the world, or it can suck donkey ass. Today, that donkey is living his best life, because my day has been shit. There are two types of people that live here. Those who lived and grew up here, and…

Sexy girl pulling tight jeans down to show black thong for cheating erotica story
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Cheating | Quickie | Tight Jeans | Thong | Riding Cock

We’ve been eye fucking each other all night. Then he takes charge and makes it happen.

Lisa’s flaunting her boyfriend, Derrek, again. Hanging all over him, kissing his neck and squealing when he touches her. Ever since she met this dude, she’s been a conceited bitch. It’s annoying as fuck.

“Hey Molls, maybe you could get a boyfriend like mine and we could go on double…

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Cheating | Revenge | Cum Shot | Bisexual | Cum Eating

I caught him on video and quickly put my plan in motion, but it ended differently than I planned.

If my fist closed any tighter, I’d break my god damn fingers. I was having a bad day even before I accidentally opened our home security app on my phone and saw my husband, Dave, fucking our neighbor. It’s nice to know this is how he works from home.


Sexy woman covering breasts with arms
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Threesome | Anal | Pussy Eating | First Time | Bisexual

What started out as his fantasy, quickly became mine.

You only live once. That’s what I keep telling myself when my heart starts beating out of my chest and we haven’t even walked inside yet. Today is as good as any other for a first of this magnitude. My first time inside of the sex club.

Dallas is practically…

Sonja Rae

Lover, writer of erotic stories featuring sex positive kinks and LGBTQ+ stories. Professional by day, weed lover by night. Legalize cannabis advocate.

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