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How to Write | Writing Tutorial | Fiction | Erotica | Writing Tips

A “Getting Started Guide” For Writing Good Erotica

We all love sexy, hot, steamy stories, right? You know, those stories that make you look around to see if anyone is watching you read? Yeah, those stories that arouse you to the point that you just have to touch yourself. Those stories.

I love reading them, and I love…

Sexy woman on red velvet couch, panties bra, big breasts for a threesome story.
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Threesome | FFM | Cum Shot | Eating Pussy | Sucking Dick | Sex Club

I finally got to be in charge of a room at the club.

Tonight is the first night in the club in which I’m in charge. Kiley has finally let me take the lead with our high rolling client. I’ve worked by her side for several months and always played the meek, submissive role. But tonight, that changes.

Greg has paid us well…

sexy couple for breeding story
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Omegaverse | Breeding | In Heat | Fill Her Up

An SRE Omegaverse Story

Read the intro to this story here:

“Girl! He just gave you the mark of the Alpha. You’re his chosen mate this year! I don’t know what you have going on in that pussy of yours, but he sure as fuck loved it!” …

Sexy Brunette laying on couch with ass in the air, black thong
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Anal | Office Sex | Job Interview | Blow Job

The interview was a setup, of the most sexy and delicious variety.

Today is another opportunity, as I prepare for an entry-level job position at the local branch of a national bank chain. I actually have my girlfriend Kensie to thank for this one. She did some ink for someone who works there and told him about me. I had the interview…

Sexy Woman in purple lingerie lying on her back. Big round tits
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Lesbian | Age Gap | Squirt | Eating Pussy

A Lesbian Age Gap Erotica

Mina jumps back, as the champaign cascades off the edge of the table into her lap with a loud shriek that has all the other diners in the restaurant staring.

“Ah shit. Fuck!” She immediately covers her mouth at the sudden outburst of curse words that spilled out. This is…

Sexy woman with big breasts in black lingerie, hand in panties and stockings.
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Omegaverse | Lingerie | Alpha Males | Breeding

The first story in the SRE Omegaverse Collection

The moon is almost into position, its light cuts through the darkness in a symbol of rebirth and new life. My body is changing. I’m cold, and tingly shivers that run through my veins only solidify the onset of the breeding season.

This will be my third breeding. Since I’ve…

sexy woman with thin white tank top on with hard nipple and sex eyes for a blow job story
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Blowjob | Cum | Exhibitionism | Voyeurism

It started when he saw my nipples poking through my shirt.

As soon as the center console is lifted, I’m on my knees, sliding over to unbutton his pants. It’s the first time I’ve ridden in his new truck, and the moment I saw the large bench seat in the front, I knew it was time for road head.

Tyson is…

Sexy woman’s ass in lacey white thong, bent over for a spanking story
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Step Dad | Spanking | Age Gap | Cum Shot

There is nothing more intense than knowing I own my mother’s husband.

Growing up in the revolving door of a mixed family has taken its toll on me. I’m a grown woman now, and I’ve had three different step-dads and two step moms, which makes the holiday’s complicated to say the least. The older my mom get’s the younger her husbands become…

Sexy legs in nylons
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Nylons | Foot Fetish | Stockings | Foot Job | Cum Shot

It worked out, he loves feet and I love cock.

I’ve been around the store a thousand times, it seems, but I still can’t find that right thing. The one thing I could wear that would make all the guys line up to fuck me. It’s a wild fantasy, but a girl can dream right. …

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Erotica | Thriller | Dark | Stalker | Finale

The thrilling conclusion to this dark erotic thriller

Before reading, make sure you are caught up! New to the series? Start here:

My goddess just fucking exploded all over the bed. I haven’t cum this many times since she was in Chicago. This girl is going to destroy me. No, is destroying me. There is no interest in…

Sonja Rae

Writer of filthy, explicit erotic fiction thats meant to explore many different kinks and fetishes. Sex and body positive, lover, friend and sex enthusiast.

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