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How to Write | Writing Tutorial | Fiction | Erotica | Writing Tips

A “Getting Started Guide” For Writing Good Erotica

We all love sexy, hot, steamy stories, right? You know, those stories that make you look around to see if anyone is watching you read? Yeah, those stories that arouse you to the point that you just have to touch yourself. Those stories.

I love reading them, and I love…

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MMFF | Couple Swap | Partner Swap | FF | MM | Anal

A partner swap turns hot and heavy when everyone plays nicely together.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Rick looks nervous as the Uber pulls up in front of their house.

“Yeah, if you do. Are you sure you want me to fuck another woman?”

“Umm…yes! Dude, she is fucking gorgeous! I’ve wanted to watch her suck you off for…

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Threesome | Ménage | Bisexual | Blowjob | CumPlay

A sultry story of a hotel threesome.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. After months and months of being locked up inside my apartment, I’m finally taking the leap to meet those sexy people I’ve played with to keep myself sane. Tonight, I’m meeting Darrel. I’ve played with him on numerous occasions, and our biggest fantasy together…

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Anal | Lesbian | First Time | Bisexual | Shower Sex

When the boy’s bailed on the Party, the girls had their own fun.

Chloe comes running into my apartment out of breath, with tears running down her face.

“What the hell happened?” I ask as I get up to meet her by the door.

“They can’t come. None of them. Assholes!” …

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Masturbation | Exhibitionism | Watching | Cumshot |Squirting

They play cards, I play with myself.

The smell of smoke and whiskey wafts up from the basement. A signature smell for a Wednesday night. I used to hate Wednesdays, but I’ve grown to enjoy them. They fuel the wild beast inside of me that rarely gets to come out, to show itself. The very first time…

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Bukkake | Blowjob | GangBang | Cumshot

If staring at pictures of my sister having sex wasn’t disturbing enough, the fact it’s my husband’s cock inside of her makes it ten times worse.

“It’s my fucking sister, Kali. He’s fucking my sister.” I’m whisper yelling into my phone from my table is the outdoor café. …

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Begging | Double Insertion | Double Penetration | Threesome | MMF

After teasing him with my friend Julie, he and Mitch gave me the ultimate payback.

You remember when we played with Julie a few months ago? How the two of you made me beg for your attention, and how you said afterwards that you wanted to do the same with two men? Well, Mitch is coming over tonight. I think we can arrange that.


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Lesfic | Lesbian | Masturbation | First Time | Friends to Lovers

When my arousal was spilling over, I couldn’t help but rub one out…then she found me.

The air is cool and crisp and the clear blue sky blankets me with a feeling of serenity. It’s the perfect autumn day, and the perfect day for a hike in the mountains. Today…

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Lesfic | Lesbian | Massage | Teacher/Student | Seduction

A Lesbian Massage Story

The only person paying any attention whatsoever is Sarah, who by all accounts is my very best student. Teaching adults can be rewarding, but only when they are interested in learning, and most of them are now. …

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We fit together like a puzzle piece

The doorbell rings, which elicits a Pavlovian response between my legs. Lisa is here. This is a big step for us, fulfilling a fantasy we have talked about for years.

Jack and I have had a few threesomes before, with both men and women, but nothing like this. I met…

Sonja Rae

Writer of sexual health and wellness content. Sex and body positive, here to help people discover and find themselves through both fiction and non-fiction.

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