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The Diamond Room: Sapphire’s Secret Part One

Book Two, Part One — Restoring Balance

Sonja Rae
11 min readJan 4, 2022


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Susan (Sapphire):

State of the State

A crowd of reporters gather, pushing and shoving to get as close to the stage as possible. My husband is standing patiently at the podium for the cue to begin the address. I’m sitting in a folding metal chair off to the side of the stage, wearing my least favorite pant suit. It’s navy blue, straight cut and does nothing to show off the body I work so hard to maintain. But so is the life of a political wife. A chuckle bursts through my lips at the rhyme. Thankfully, no one notices. No one pays too much attention to the women behind the scenes in the political world. One day, maybe that will change.

The crowd quiets when Danny clears his throat. Here we go. Having just been elected to his second term, this is his third state of the state address. He outlines the accomplishments of the previous term, while making bold promises about what the state can expect in the coming years. I recite the speech in my head as he talks, after all, I wrote it. He nails it. Applause erupts from the reporters and voters here in attendance. Apparently, they like my ideas.

Danny hasn’t had a political thought of his own in years. His father pressured him into politics when we were in our early twenties. I told him I would help him run for city council, just to appease his father. I never expected him to win, but he did, and in a landslide. This was foreign territory for us, but with me by his side, he did wonderful work for the city of Creek Falls. From a stint on the city council, he became a state representative and now resides as governor. His father is outrageously proud. If only he knew.



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